Jackie Charlton, Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor for Llangattock, and Jake Berriman, Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor for Llandrindod North, joined protestors affiliated with the Sustainable Food Knighton group, as they took to the streets of Llandrindod Wells to demand that Powys County Council take action to address bio-diversity and natural habitat loss.

Dozens of activists took part in the socially distanced protest on 1st July, which began at the town’s railway station and culminated outside the County Council’s headquarters.

They were calling on the Council to immediately cease the use of toxic chemical pesticides and weed killer sprays in public-owned or maintained spaces such as community parks and gardens, children’s playgrounds, and sports and recreation facilities.

Participants also opposed new industrialised chicken and pig farms in the county and favoured additional support to farmers producing food using sustainable and regenerative practices.

Commenting, Jackie Charlton said:

 “Our special and unique population of Welsh butterflies is declining at an alarming rate, seven species of bee previously found in Wales have gone extinct, with a further five at risk of extinction. These insects are vital pollinators that regenerate our flora and fauna, habitats and farmland. Their loss would be an environmental disaster that would have permanent consequences for us all.

 “Powys County Council needs to step up to the plate, but the Welsh and UK Governments, MPs and MSs also need to be doing much more. I would urge anyone concerned about these issues to write to our Conservative MP, urging her to back the Climate and Ecology Emergency Bill in Westminster.”

 Jake Berriman added:

 “I was pleased to support this action today and thank the organisers. The Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency last year should be an impetus to reflect on the climate and ecological impact of policies and practices and make changes at every level of operations. Eliminating the use of bee and insect-killing pesticides is obviously a necessary part of that shift.”



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