Keeping the Last Pub in the Village

Roger Williams MP spoke in the Report stage of the Infrastructure Bill on an amendment to give greater protection for pubs from developers who might want to change them into stores or demolish them and build residential units.

Roger Williams signed the amendment, but it lost by 40 votes.


Speaking afterwards Roger Williams MP said:

“In England the communities have the benefit of the Localism Act, which means if 21 people sign a petition to the Local Authority to protect a particular facility, such as a pub, a playing field or a library then every developer must go through the full rigours of the planning system and no permitted development rights can be used to bypass the planning system. The Welsh Government have not used their powers to adopt the Localism Act which would be a great protection for valued assets in the community.

“In many planning authorities there is a presumption that the last pub in the village should not be allowed to be subject to change of use. For instance the Shoemakers Arms in Pentrebach was destined to become a house but the planners stuck out and it was bought by the community and is now a thriving pub. This process would be enhanced if the Welsh Government adopted the Localism Act.”

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