Save Llanwrtyd Surgery

Roger Williams MP and Kirsty Williams AM are seeking an urgent meeting with Builth Wells practice after this weeks announcement that they plan to close Llanwrtyd Surgery. 

Commenting Roger Williams MP said: "This is a much needed service for the patients of Llanwrtyd Surgery. Myself Kirsty have already been in discussion with the director of community care and meeting with the practice to resolve this."

Kirsty Williams Am added: "This is hugely worrying for local people, we will do all we can to ensure this decision is reversed."

We the undersigned call upon all relevant authorities to work with the doctors at Builth Wells Surgery to keep Llanwrtyd Branch surgery open. 

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    This will be especially worrying for those without transport. It will also increase the use of fuel for those who have cars as they will have to travel further. Finally the provision of dispensed medicines is an essential service in a town far from a pharmacy.
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    Having recently moved from the area I was horrified to hear the proposal of the closure of Llanwrtyd surgery, indeed my mother who was a resident of llanwrtyd would have been totally unable to get medical help if the surgery had been closed. , Although there is a community transport scheme (I was a driver for many years)This service is VOLUNTARY not a back up for the lack of a surgery, also it would be hard pressed to find enough drivers.The proposal is causing a lot of stress with the residents of Llanwrtyd and all the out lying areas, some have to travel up to six miles to get to Llanwrtyd let alone a further 10 miles to Builth Wells surgery. This is 2015 and not 1905 I thought we are supposed to live in a caring society, not one totally ruled by finances. Good luck with the fight. Jacky Smith
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    It is not only Powys that will suffer, other parts of Wales will suffer as well.

    The elderly, those with children, the infirm, those without a car will have to rely on public transport.

    There are so many groups of people that will suffer with this closure and Wales and L.Wells deserve better healthcare than the Welsh Government is providing.

    The government have to face facts, the Welsh people deserve better and being fobbed off by the Labour government is not acceptable any longer. Ignore the feelings of the Welsh people here in Powys and in Wales at your peril as the UK and Welsh elections draw ever closer.

    Kath Rhodes


    Welsh Country magazine
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    Having previously lived in the Llanwrtyd area for many years and worked in and attended Llanwrtyd surgery during that time I know how important it is to keep this vital facility up and running for the benefit of the local community.
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    what are peops supposed to do if they are infirm and cannot use public transport (what there is of it )
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    Sign the petition: Save Llanwrtyd Surgery
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