Roger Williams Votes Against Fracking

I had a number of emails from local people about their concerns over fracking, and in last weeks vote I decided to vote to halt further fracking. Sadly not enough fellow MPs voted to halt fracking. 

Labour just sat by and abstained allowing the vote to fail and the Conservatives voted for fracking in their droves. Put your name to this list to show you agree with me that there should be a moratorium on fracking. 

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    Fracking should definitely be banned in Wales, and in the Uk, it is dangerous and needs stopping as soon as possible. It will ruin the welsh countryside and it could also contaminate the water supply. I would vote for a moratorium!
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    There is enough data out there to prove fracking is not the answer, it is not safe, it will not create the number of jobs we’ve been promised, it will not reduce our energy bills, IT WILL damage the environment, IT WILL contaminate the water table, stop it now before it’s too late.
  • signed 2015-02-08 13:31:39 +0000
    While this vote in Westminster relates to the UK as a whole, don’t devolved planning powers mean that fracking in Wales can still be stopped?
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    Thank you for voting for the moratorium and hopefully decision makers will come to realise that fracking is both environmentally unsound and not the answer to the worlds energy needs.
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    I entirely support a moratorium -,much more research is needed before we plunge the countryside into chaos. Thank you for voting no and I’m sad that you were so poorly supported in the house.
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    Thank you for the email. I too would have voted for the moratorium on frackng – we need unbiased research and opinion on its use and long term effects. At the moment if something sounds too good to be true it usually is.
  • signed 2015-02-06 10:04:02 +0000
    I totally opose any moves to frack in the UK

    Besides the obvious problems associated with enviromental impacts on our beautiful countryside (fracking water tanker traffic and the possible gas tanker traffic, the fracking sites themselves, water and air polution and it goes on), the costs of fracking are exceedingly big. It is obviously a very expensive method of extracting gas with an EROEI (energy return on energy invested) of 3 : 1 ???

    There is ample evidence out there on the WEB about the negative effects and the cost of fracking. Just type in “fracking” on ASK.
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    I agree with previous comments; the effects of fracking have not been fully established and the probable rewards in this country are not likely to be beneficial.
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    Thanks for voting in favour of the moratorium, Roger. I agree with you that there should be a moratorium on fracking.
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    I am totally against fracking. In addition to all the environmental damage, it is a fossil fuel belonging to the Stone Age. Consecutive Governments have not planned ahead for energy provision, so we are now in these panic measures. For example, the Labour Government rushed in the gas pipeline from Pembroke to import LPG from Qatar. What a totally stupid thing to do!

    One despair at whether our senior politicians have any intelligence at all.

    Please keep up the good work, and many thanks for voting against fracking.on behalf of people who are concerned.
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    I vote against Fracking now and always
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    Thank you for voting for a moratorium on this issue.
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    As I understood it this moratorium stopped all exploratory drilling pending further research into the safety of fracking. I would not have stopped exploratory drilling to establish the potential of a particular site. If found suitable then and only then would I have considered whether or not to go ahead with extraction.

    I listened to a representative of the Greens who favoured the moratorium and who required further reassurances as to the safety and environmental impact of fracking, However, and here is the rub, she did not specify what further evidence she required and from whence it should come.

    To impose a moratorium, as opposed to banning fracking,

    strongly implies you would be waiting the outcome of further tests/analysis. So I ask you the same question; what test/analysis and who do you expect to undertake the work?
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    fraking is bad news in the long term polution of underground water table also danger from land slippage more so in built up areas and wost of all could cause earth tremmors or quakes
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    I would have voted for a moratorium but also against the trespass amendment, which I know you were unable to vote on as Labour, yet again, scuppered the vote by adding a new amendment. I see 2 parties wearing one hat here and not a very nice hat! Fracking has been proven to be deadly to the aquifers in the U.S. and the town that first had fracking in Texas has now banned it. What more is there to say? Fracking is NOT a good investment for the rest of us or the planet – only for a short-sighted greedy few.
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    I don’t agree with fracking. Apart from destroying the countryside, what damage is being done to the earth? This could be Rape of the Fair Country all over again.
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    I need to know your concerns about opencast mining im a employ with celtic energy working in the nant helen site ..fracking will destroy the coal market and the future of 170 + jobs plus 2 other sites with the same amout of workers will close we need backing from our councillors to secure local jobs in the community. …i hope the power stations will get backing for greener carbon emissions. ..