Take a test and protect the community

Cllr James Giobson-Watt

Members of Powys County Council’s Welsh Lib Dem - Green group are urging people in Powys to take regular lateral flow tests to help reduce Covid spread within local communities.

"When the First Minister moved us to level 0 he gave us more freedom but also more responsibility. We can now attend more events and if double vaccinated we no longer need to self isolate if in contact with someone who has returned a positive test." commented Group leader Cllr James Gibson-Watt.

"But with the increasing evidence that even if you have been double-vaccinated you can still become infected, and the level of risk you pose to others is much the same with or without vaccination, we all need to take responsibility for protecting everyone in our communities."
"That is why we are urging people today to "take the test". If you are going to an event, have travelled elsewhere in the UK and especially if you are a contact of a case please collect a free pack of lateral flow tests from the library or order online so you know each relevant day you are safe and are breaking the chain of infection."
Cllr Pete Roberts
This view was echoed by Cllr Pete Roberts, the group’s lead on Education, and the Council’s Learning & Skills Scrutiny Committee Chair:-
"Council staff in HQ and our schools are working flat out to make our schools as safe as possible for when our pupils return next week but parents and pupils have a role to play too.
That's why I am asking that entire families or households take a lateral flow test on the first day of term, the first test of the new academic year, and ensure as much as possible that everyone returning to school has done everything they can to be Covid-19 free on the first day of term."

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