Powys Liberal Democrat Council group to move Refugee Motion

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Group on Powys County Council will be moving an emergency motion on the Refugee crisis.

The motion states that “we all have a moral responsibility to resettle many more refugees and that it is the duty of the Welsh and Westminster governments and this council to react accordingly to this humanitarian crisis”

The motion will be debated in county hall on Friday the 18th.

Speaking before the motion John Morris, County Councillor for Crickhowell and Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said:


“It would be difficult not to have been moved by the recent images of the refugee crisis that has hit our continent. The photos from Turkey of that poor little boy will have stirred even the hardest of hearts.”


“We cannot simply wring our hands and say the problems are in their own countries and should be dealt with there. Here in the UK and indeed Powys, we cannot help everyone, however we can provide safety for our fair share.”


Williams Powell AM, County Councillor for Talgarth and Welsh Liberal Democrat AM for Mid and West Wales, who will second the motion, added:


“These people are in a desperate state, fleeing war and terrorism and they want nothing more than to live in peace and safety. It is hard to imagine how desperate someone has to be to risk everything, clinging to a dingy, in a bid to get a better life. It is worth remembering also that the turbulence in these countries has been in part triggered by Western intervention in previous years.

“I have been encouraged over the last few weeks by the large number of emails and letters from local people wanting to help with the refugee crisis. The humanitarian spirit is very much alive in Powys.

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