Cllr Jake BerrimanAlmost a year after Powys County Council passed a historic ‘Climate Emergency’ Declaration, two Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillors are calling for the Council to also recognise the extent of ecological crisis.  

 Jake Berriman (Llandrindod North) and Jackie Charlton (Llangattock), who both played a key role in passing last year’s cross-party Climate Emergency motion, are continuing their work to build a green future for Powys.

They are submitting a new motion calling on the County Council to declare an ‘Ecological Emergency’, take steps to protect the county’s biodiversity and wildlife, and endorse the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill that has been introduced at Westminster and backed by Liberal Democrat MPs.

The CEE Bill (which has been co-written by dozens of leading scientists and leading academic experts and practitioners in the field of environmental policy) sets ambitious but necessary targets for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems and reduction of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions taking into account the country’s entire carbon footprint (including through international flights and shipping).

Commenting, Cllr Jake Berriman said:

 “We are running out of time to address the twin emergencies – climate and ecological – that threaten the survival of our civilization and way of life.

“This summer we have seen horrific wildfires in Russia, America, Greece and Turkey and catastrophic flooding in China, Afghanistan, Belgium and Germany.

“Flooding is affecting Powys communities with increased frequency and severity.

“This week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres have warned that we are at “code red for humanity.

“The COP26 conference coming soon to Glasgow could be the last chance for us all.

“However, climate change cannot be mitigated and halted if we ignore the unfolding and intertwined ecological disaster.

“The State of Radnorshire Wildlife (2017) report shows a loss of 40 local plant species, 95% of our native eel population, and 63% of Welsh butterflies.

“The ecological crisis must not be forgotten. We must act now!”


Cllr Jckie Charlton, added:

“Powys County Councillors have shown admirable leadership in recognising the Climate Emergency and committing to reach a carbon net zero target in the delivery of Council services by 2030.

“We can and must be just as bold in tackling the Ecological Emergency.

“Our two Conservative MPs must also step up to the plate and do their part by voting for the CEE Bill. Our motion asks the Council to send an official letter urging them to do so.”



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