Tories backtracking over new Powys Hospitals shows lack of honesty with voters

The admission by the Conservatives that their manifesto pledge to build two new hospitals in Powys won’t be fulfilled has been described as a disappointing breach of trust by the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservative manifesto pledges on both the inside cover and on page two that they will build “five new hospitals.” However, Welsh Conservatives have now admitted that only two new hospitals will be built, neither of which will be in Powys and instead that existing hospitals in Newtown and Llandrindod will be upgraded.

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Manifesto rural economy infrastructure and tourism

Rural communities are vital to the character and strength of Wales. Liberal Democrats have a long tradition of representing these communities and understand their needs. We will always give rural
interests a high priority.
In our policies on transport, health, education and communities set out in more detail elsewhere in this manifesto, we have ensured that rural needs and perspectives are included.

Our priorities for Rural Wales are:

  • Fighting to prevent or counteract the adverse impacts on our farmers of losing CAP support and easy access to European markets.

  • Ensuring good local services and community facilities such as schools, public transport, local shops, cultural venues and pubs, as well as more houses to meet local needs.

  • Boosting the attractiveness of Wales as a tourist destination.


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Valuing the NHS and social care workforce

Valuing the NHS and social care workforce

Our health and social care services’ greatest resource is their staff, working tirelessly under immense pressure.

We will: 

• Guarantee the rights of all NHS and social care service staff who are EU nationals, the right to stay in the UK.

• End the public sector pay freeze for NHS workers. 

• Protect NHS whistle-blowers and introduce a Welsh NHS whistleblowing hotline.

GPs in particular have been put under considerable strain, leaving many people waiting weeks to get appointments. GPs are the core of the NHS and they need support to ensure that the NHS is able to survive and thrive.

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Y Gymraeg a’i diwylliant - Welsh language and culture

Y Gymraeg a’i diwylliant

Mae’r Gymraeg yn elfen annatod o wead ein gwlad. Credwn y dylai fod modd i bawb siarad eu hiaith
frodorol, y dylai fod modd i bawb gael gafael ar wasanaethau cyhoeddus o safon dda yn Gymraeg, ac y
dylai’r cyfle i ddysgu Cymraeg fod ar gael i bawb.

Mae’n rhaid bod gan bawb yng Nghymru yr hawl i siarad a dysgu Cymraeg – p’un a ydych yn dod o deulu
Cymraeg ei iaith neu a ydych newydd gyrraedd ein gwlad hardd, dylech fod yn gallu siarad Cymraeg yn eich

Welsh language and culture

The Welsh language is an inherent strand of the fabric of our country. We believe that everyone should be enabled to speak their native language, that everyone should be able to access good quality Welsh public services, and that learning Welsh should be open to all.

Everyone in Wales must have the right to speak and learn Welsh – whether you come from a Welsh�language family or are newly-arrived in our beautiful country, you should be able to speak Welsh in your


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The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrat - Green Group on Powys County Council, Cllr James Gibson-Watt, has today written to the Council’s Chairman, Leader and Deputy Leader to request an urgent statement about the claims made by County Councillor Gwilym Williams in the media.

Commenting on the reports, Cllr Gibson-Watt said:-

"The Leader and her Deputy need to come to the meeting of the full County Council this Friday and explain to members exactly what happened earlier this year. The allegation made by Cllr Williams of an honours-for-votes offer made by the Deputy Leader needs to be cleared up as a matter of urgency. If the allegations are true the Deputy Leader needs to inform the County Council what other offers were made to Conservative group members to keep their votes."

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William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate for Brecon & Radnorshire, has welcomed today’s (Monday 26th April) outdoor reopening of pubs, restaurants, and some other catering & hospitality businesses, and promised that he and his party will be a voice for small business in the next Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament.  

Key policy commitments in the Welsh Liberal Democrat manifesto for the 2021 Senedd Election include a freeze on Business Rates for the next five years and a £500 million fund for investment in town centres and high streets based on the priorities identified by local business leaders and organisations.

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