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Rural communities are vital to the character and strength of Wales. Liberal Democrats have a long tradition of representing these communities and understand their needs. We will always give rural
interests a high priority.
In our policies on transport, health, education and communities set out in more detail elsewhere in this manifesto, we have ensured that rural needs and perspectives are included.

Our priorities for Rural Wales are:

  • Fighting to prevent or counteract the adverse impacts on our farmers of losing CAP support and easy access to European markets.

  • Ensuring good local services and community facilities such as schools, public transport, local shops, cultural venues and pubs, as well as more houses to meet local needs.

  • Boosting the attractiveness of Wales as a tourist destination.


Rural communities
A thriving rural community needs local services and community facilities such as schools, public transport, local shops, cultural venues and pubs. It needs enough homes, affordable for local families, to ensure those services are viable. Liberal Democrats understand the changes needed to support a living, working countryside.
We will:
• Ensure that every property and business in Wales has access to superfast broadband and good mobile phone coverage.
• Commit to preventing Post Office closures and protect Royal Mail’s Universal Service Obligation to deliver across the UK for the same price.
• Work to deliver a significant increase in social and affordable housing in rural areas.

Tourism is a major source of employment in Wales – and it is another of our industries likely to be hit by Brexit.
The ease of travel from the continent to Wales could be hindered by more elaborate border checks – no longer that ‘EU citizens’ faster queue. It might deter travel here. We must find ways to boost the attractiveness of
Wales as a tourist destination, if we lose our EU advantages.
Our hotels and restaurants say that they need people from other European countries, as well as Welsh people, to fill all the jobs – especially in high season.
We will press to minimise the impact of complicated procedures, delays and uncertainties on both employers and prospective workers.
Our policies to improve transport to and within Wales are another way in which we aim to help tourism here to thrive and even expand.

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