Valuing the NHS and social care workforce

Valuing the NHS and social care workforce

Our health and social care services’ greatest resource is their staff, working tirelessly under immense pressure.

We will: 

• Guarantee the rights of all NHS and social care service staff who are EU nationals, the right to stay in the UK.

• End the public sector pay freeze for NHS workers. 

• Protect NHS whistle-blowers and introduce a Welsh NHS whistleblowing hotline.

GPs in particular have been put under considerable strain, leaving many people waiting weeks to get appointments. GPs are the core of the NHS and they need support to ensure that the NHS is able to survive and thrive.

We want;
• A national workforce strategy, ensuring that we never again experience a shortage in the numbers of GPs, hospital doctors, nurses and other professionals that the NHS needs.

o An Access to GPs Scheme, funding GP practices to make sure people can get the appointments they need.
o To make it easier to register at a GP’s practice near where you work
o To develop alternative ways, using modern technology, to connect GPs and patients.

• Support GP federations and clusters being given real decision-making powers with delegated budgets.

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