Ironic For Local MS to Claim the Conservatives are the Party of Low Tax

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised local MS James Evans for implying that his party believes in lowering taxes. In response, Mid and West Wales Senedd Member Jane Dodds said it was “ironic” to imply that is what the Conservative Party stands for when the current Government has raised the tax burden to its highest level since the 1940s.

James Evans MS

Research has shown that the Chancellor’s tax take from households will rise to 36 per cent of GDP despite National Insurance and fuel tax giveaways.

Figures show that the Government’s tax take will account for more than 36 per cent of GDP, up from 33 per cent before Covid, which is the biggest leap in earners’ contribution to the economy in a generation and more than at any point since the late 40s.

Commenting Jane Dodds MS said:

“James Evans may claim he believes in lowering taxes, but the reality is the Conservative Party have raised taxes to their highest level since the 1940s and actions speak far louder than words.

“As for ensuring the poorest in our society are protected and able to improve their lives, the Conservatives' cruel cut to the £20 universal credit uplift has impacted an estimated 280,000+ people across Wales, 37 per cent of whom are in work.

“With a third of children in Wales already living in poverty, Conservative policies of heightened taxation and a real term cut to benefits (and pensions) risks driving more into hardship.

“On top of this, the national insurance hike is set to hit small and medium-sized businesses tremendously hard after an already torrid two years of trading and these are major employers in mid-Wales.

“By contrast, the Liberal Democrats are calling for an across-the-board cut in VAT from 20 percent to 17.5 percent which would save an average family £600, something which the Conservative Government is refusing to implement.

“The Conservative Government is not the faintest bit interested in leveling up, but instead is pushing an agenda of high tax, low growth and increased deprivation.

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