Rubbish Idea

It is a truly Rubbish Idea, the Independent led Powys County Council have decided they want our black bin or purple bag collections
to change to once every 3 weeks.

For many families with young children, or residents who rely on incontinence pads this will be more than just an inconvenience that
many local people will experience. This will require waste to be stored for three weeks at a time meaning bins may begin to
smell attracting rodents and other pests.

Powys led Independent Council claim that this will increase the amount of recycling saving the council money in landfill.
However as the Welsh Lib Dem team on the Council have pointed out, this collection change is happening at the same time that
Powys are reducing the types of plastics it will collect in our red recycling containers. Either this is an exercise to increase the amount of recycling in Powys or it is an ill considered money saving, tick box exercise.

The Welsh Lib Dem team are opposed to these changes and are opposed to increases in recyclable waste having to be disposed of with normal non-recyclable waste.

We support Kirsty Williams AM and the local Lib Dems campaign against the proposed changes to black bin collections in Powys. 

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