Brecon Barracks

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Kirsty Williams AM and Cllr Sam Bennett have criticised the Conservative decision to close Brecon barracks.

The UK government has announced a further 56 sites to close by 2040, on top of 35 sites previously identified for closure, as part of a cost-saving exercise. Brecon's army barracks is now scheduled for closure in 2027.

Kirsty Williams said:
"Brecon barracks is part of a long and proud military tradition in the town. The proposed closure will come as a massive blow. This decision, along with the planned closure of the Sennybridge Storage Compound, show the Conservatives' complete lack of respect for our history".

"It is the latest in a long line of closures to local facilities caused by Conservative cuts. We are seeing the damage these are causing across all of our communities".

Sam Bennett, Town Councillor for Brecon St Mary, said:

"As the Town Councillor for the area this is really disappointing news".

"The closure of Brecon Barracks is bad news for the town and the people who work in the barracks. Brecon has a proud tradition of working with the army and this will be a great loss to our town"

"When we had a Welsh Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament in Roger Williams he ensured this closure was kicked into touch. I am sure we are expecting more than empty words from our Conservative MP who has so far just done what the Government has told him".

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